Heinz Gerd Lange

On his lifelong search for enlightenment and personal mastery through the great world religions (including decades of meditation practices) Heinz Gerd came to transformation and breathwork over 28 years ago. Since then his focus has been on creating space in which the core competence of the people who connect with him can unfold with ease.
Heinz Gerd is an international lecturer, seminar leader and trainer for breathwork, metaphysics and personal transformation. He has been holding self-healing seminars and transformation work for over 28 years, and specializes in re-patterning, bioenergetic integrity and profound, positive life changes.
Heinz Gerd has studied and trained seven different breathwork approaches. His resources also include Inner Child Healing, Voice Dialogue, family and relationship dynamics, NLP, Tantra, body and energy work and various other modalities.
His diversity and cross-cultural experience in transformation and breathwork enables Heinz Gerd to determine the exact emotional needs of the participant. His positive attitude inspires and opens new perspectives for his clients and students. His loving acceptance creates and promotes a feeling of inner security. Heinz Gerd’s passion and joy are contagious. Transformation is his goal. Empowered, strengthened and affirmed you move forward.
Heinz Gerd is Germany’s national representative of the International Breathwork Foundation (IBF), member of the British Rebirth Society (BRS) and the Austrian (ATMAN) as well as founding member and chairman of the Atemverein Deutschland (AVD).
“One of my passions is the scientific confirmation of the deep healing and transformation potential of conscious breathing work. My current work is based on research into neuroplasticity, neurochemistry, the mental application of quantum physics, superendorphinization and heart-brain coherence“.